Each of us has its own level of expectation. Expectations that are sometimes hard to achieve and being satisfied means being able to comply with those expectations. Having said that, so how can you satisfy your partner so your partner will not flirt with someone and for her or him to stick to one? Generally, you must attain your partner expectations. Simply, a boy will be satisfied if her girl achieved his expectations and vice versa. Ironically, expectations are always high, hard to achieve and possibly infinite and indefinite, because as we all know expectations are growing like ambitions or desires. Magically, love is incredible, because if you truly love your partner then there is no need for expectations, you will be contented with your partner, be satisfied and just be in love, stay in love and that is all you need. LOVE, no one else, no demands, requirements and no expectations.

And so, if your partner is not satisfied and flirting therefore your partner does not love you at all.


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