He sat there in silence. No one could melt his ice-cold heart. Extenuating circumstances bewildered his feelings like an emotion soup. He is actually freaking out as he can’t deal with more than one emotion. She got underneath his skin. Did not even give him another chance to stop her from walking away. And why would she? It is his fault all right. He cheated. Lied. Broke a promise. Got confused with sexual intensity and romantic intimacy. Reluctant to accept the consequences he made, he ended up feeling guilty and frustrated.



Our meeting was pure happenstance. Now, I’m here all alone in a particular space of time. A place where I reached my total solitude. I can think of our thousand happy memories together but the thought died aborning. Time will tell how much I love you. Yet time also taught us that everyone has to say goodbye sooner or later. What a cliché. She had me. The feeling was so ugly, so alien. I could say that she casted a spell on me, but like love, happy endings are just for fairytales.


A perverted stare studied her curves. Imaginary touching her, inch by inch, part by part. That expression in her lovely eyes and everything look surreal just from looking at her. Incredible. As his mortal lips wants to kiss her everywhere. Hesitant to approach her, he will then realize that he is in-love, truly, madly in-love. He simply wants to be with her every night and day since he has his motives both good and bad. As love is no accident, for smile is the beginning of every love. Will he confess his love or will he deny it again? Destiny will still find a way through doubts he said. He will wait for the perfect moment. Dubious, he then asked himself, “For how long?”.

Damsel in Distress

It’s been quite a while, I can still see your troubled heart, you’re sad. Your eyes told me everything and with a certain degree of incredulity you want me to rescue you from your destiny. Well, despite of various wishful attempts it seems that no one is looking to save this damsel in distress. No one seems to understand you. As you are and will be forever in a limbo. Stuck between once upon a time and your happy ever after. Stop chasing shadows, stop those crazy thoughts and start believing in yourself. I wish you luck, and definitely luck is what you need.

Forget everything

This is a battle of allegations. Suddenly, love became contempt and disgust. Incongruous as the statement was, horrible decisions made horrible relationships. So sudden, so unsure. Just full of hatred. We are too fool, too different from each other and caught up by everything around us. Perhaps our destiny is in different life. We could just lie within ourselves and then give each other something to hold on or we could just unlove and forget about everything.

Impish Smile

His usual impish smile. He had been around long enough that he knew all the tricks and had wept and cried enough. With curious eyes he watched her gestures and the tension in her posture as well as her body language. He then created a world within his own mind, and in that private place he fantasied about her. That buries his solitude for a while. Seclusion adding loneliness to his excess misery. A lonely world wherein his alone, a dream. It’s not his choice of course. He is scared to love, to tell her how much he adored her. Breathing extensively, his eyes woke and turned into sadness.

Don’t leave

Let’s defy the gravity while counting the stars
The moonlight shines over and blessed us
I’ll give you this dear diamond ring tonight
Maybe live this once in a lifetime fantasy
And leave and forget everything behind
Start this love affair as the darkness sweep
Close your eyes baby make a wish
We’re gonna celebrate this whole night
Let’s take it slow or can skip the basics
Foreplay listen to your heart as it beats
Feel me, you’re so belong to me
It’s so perfect here next to you baby
I’ll do everything for you just, no, don’t leave

Just take me away

I’m here once again
Knocking on your door
Oh girl answer my call
I want you to be my lady
Will you please call me
And let everyone else go
Don’t ask me to take it slow
Oh just follow my lead
Don’t be confused
Let’s take chances
Just because
We are so in love
Don’t make a pause
Just take me away

The Only Woman

Forgive her because she can’t hide her brilliance. I adore her as much as you do. As her eyes sparkle every time she smiles. Yet don’t let her innocent appearance fool you. Where every wise man took foolish ideas just to have her, and none of course worked. She’s used to that loving attention everyone offered as she can see you through and through, such cleverness of this young beautiful lady. Nevertheless no one will ever take her place in my heart, as this lady, is the only woman I can see.

PS: Happy Birthday to me