Don’t leave

Let’s defy the gravity while counting the stars
The moonlight shines over and blessed us
I’ll give you this dear diamond ring tonight
Maybe live this once in a lifetime fantasy
And leave and forget everything behind
Start this love affair as the darkness sweep
Close your eyes baby make a wish
We’re gonna celebrate this whole night
Let’s take it slow or can skip the basics
Foreplay listen to your heart as it beats
Feel me, you’re so belong to me
It’s so perfect here next to you baby
I’ll do everything for you just, no, don’t leave


Just take me away

I’m here once again
Knocking on your door
Oh girl answer my call
I want you to be my lady
Will you please call me
And let everyone else go
Don’t ask me to take it slow
Oh just follow my lead
Don’t be confused
Let’s take chances
Just because
We are so in love
Don’t make a pause
Just take me away

In this realm of reality

In this realm of reality
Switching poles of negativity
Dreaming of equal entropy
Seeing human brutality
Dare to defeat every blasphemy
Marrying twisted life mystically

Happy Valentines

Happy valentines my love
Where are you now my love
Suddenly tears began to fall
As the shadows of the past
Keep knocking on the door
Wondering what went wrong
While still dreaming of you my love
As you walked away from me
How foolishly I let you be

I fall in love

It’s time I fall in love
To you I fell in love
Give everything and all
Knowing what to do
Leave every bitterness
Be my every bit of happiness
The best time to try
Baby I don’t want to cry
Just hold on to me tight
I’ll do this with might
Open your precious heart
Nothing will take us apart


O you Venus whom I love
My unattainable lady
Whose thy worthy I’m not
In love with such heavenly goddess
Inspired by no hidden desires
Heart craves for real emotions
Like a new engulfing addiction
All of her love only my intention

Was perfect

Though it was so perfect
Her love died in utter silence
While he is willing to wait forever
Maybe they’re destined to be
Counting on some hopes maybe
Yet time flies so fast for eternity
Piecing everything back together
Best times he once had with her
With her innocent charming smile
No, he’s still right there like before
And time didn’t make any difference at all

Girl of the morning dew

The girl of the morning dew
Surrounded by a beautiful mist
She liked  her full solitude
A man was enticed by her grace
He who constantly looking at her
Adored her secretly passionately
Looking at her as if she’s a goddess
He struggled hard to fight emotions
Separated  by a worldly fate
He can’t just fall into such dreams
After each day his feelings matured
He waited, longed, and loved
Craziness’ filled his empty heart
Then his hesitations leave behind
Gathered all the courage he have
Confronts her to speak about his love
Stuttering, nervous, feeling the gravity
Regrets engulfed while time stopped
Someone already owns her heart

I’m guilty

Baby you know that I’m guilty for loving thee
My love for you will never set me free
You’ll be my forever desire my love
Promise me that we will never be apart