His Vows

Lenn, our love story starts with emojis in skype, books, and morning kwentuhans. Our colleagues, friends, and some not so important people tried to stop us, but they couldn’t. We fought and proved them wrong. Nobody can stop us.

I just want you to be here by my side, forever, to talk about the stars, to be my co-marites, to eat in every restaurant, to taste every cocktail, to visit all the libraries, to swim in every ocean, and to conquer the world together.

You defended me from everyone, ready to fight for our love to anyone, you held my hand and trusted me with all your heart, and you did not ask anything in return. I know, It wasn’t easy. I will be forever grateful. You’re kind and sweet, smart and beautiful. And as I told you before, no one can ignore your brilliance.

You’re more than enough. You are you. You are my love, my one and only – my ultimate crush – my forever love.

Lenn, I promise you this, as God, family, and friends be our witness. For me, to be there at your weakest, to gain the right to stay by your side at your strongest.

I vow to inspire you, and to love you forever.
I vow to be your Kayron(Chiron), who will support, guide and motivate you
I vow to be your Grover, a best friend, and a protector
I vow to be your Leeyow(Leo), to make you laugh, and to adore you
I vow to be your Percy, a partner in every adventure, to annoy you in every possible way, and to fight alongside with you.
And lastly, I vow to be a loving and faithful husband, and I will honor you for all the days of my life.

I love you.

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