Love will turn into hatred. Lovers suddenly are strangers.


We’re really not meant to be. We’re just too attached. And falling in is a mistake.

Just love

Never expect, never regret, never assume, just love

Let go

Take it slow, move on, and then let go.

It’s your fault

Love with all you have, give everything and don’t ask for anything in return. After all, it’s your fault falling in.


Break-ups are always about tough pride, high expectations, and broken commitments.

Loving you unconditionally

You choose them instead of me; I’ll then choose to hide this pain from you so that you can continue to move on, while I’m here, loving you unconditionally.

On the contrary

This pain strengthens me to try to forget about you, on the contrary, it brings me back to you.

Valley of shadows

Let’s walk from the valley of shadows together, forever.