If you have an anxiety, depression, or you’re suicidal, you need to know that being in a relationship will not save you from yourself, worst you’ll just hurt your partner emotionally. Love yourself first before looking for someone to love you. You don’t want to hurt your partner. You might have the best, the most understanding, and patient partner but if you’re broken, you’ll just ruin your relationship. A hurtful experience for both of you. You don’t want to miss a once in a lifetime opportunity because of your own doubts and lack of self confidence. Lack of self-esteem will turn into jealousy. Late replies will turn into arguments. No one will last a stressful environment.

Don’t wait for a knight in shining armor or prince charming. Most likely, you’ll just tarnish his shield and stroke his sword unto yourself.

That kid

I want to be like a kid again. Innocent with the financial responsibilities, stressful young adult issues, unfair politics, and unjust world. I want to be that kid who’s just silently reading his favorite science articles saved from his Symbian mobile phone downloaded from his Netscape browser. A kid who downloads cheat codes from to sell to his peers. An introvert who listens to Parokya ni Edgar and reads Pugad Baboy comics. Teachers hated him for being carefree. He’s silent. He’s shy. He’s stupid. But he’s a fucking dreamer.

PS: Happy birthday to me

Lord, hear our plea

Forgive me for not following the words of our highness. I heard too many whispers in this world. It seems that every path has its darkness and light has no way to be found, we are not seeing well enough, not well enough to see his bountiful grace. God, be our guest and lead us in the right direction of your worthiness, even I’m not worthy of your healing salve please help me oh lord. Tell these people to defy the call of Lucifer itself scattered with this temporary world. Too many heroes dead, too many slaves waiting to be saved. Unworthy as we were, undeserved forgiveness and unearned mercy, we are waiting to be saved. Bring us home to your kingdom. Lord, hear our plea.

War Cry

It’s not about how good you are. It’s about how far you can go to get better. The intense desire to learn something is a far more superior attitude that those people who just want to succeed. I am whose ambition far exceeded my own talents, this fact doesn’t make me frail, instead, this mere fact pushed me, inspire me to constantly challenge myself, inspire me to seek and defeat my own limits. I am not an unrewarded genius. People can’t see that I’m working all alone for days and nights on end. I’m not that kind of person who strives for perfection as I can sacrifice anything as my heart desires. Remember failure is not an option, and when all else fails – I simply don’t. If I did, I can still hold my head up because I did what I needed to do in full extent, no regrets.

You need to be conscious of your strengths and weaknesses, making yourself capable of attaining what you need and not just what you want. That’s a perfect idea. Additionally, diligence is the most important virtue for success, that steadfast and earnest effort to accomplish something and the capability of not giving up. People like these are destined to succeed.

Be ambitious

Push your limits. Never get satisfied. Be ambitious. Don’t conform to the norm. Threaten everyone who’s on top. Work your ass off. Count every achievement and wear it with pride. Congratulate yourself. Thank everyone but never let anyone drag you. Leave the weak. Defeat the strong. Make yourself stronger. Be the strongest. Take your name to glory.


1. Wag masyadong mayabang sa thesis kasi lalo kang dudurugin. pag tinanung ang functions wag mong sabihin lahat. ( kung hindi ka naman grade conscious ) pag binangit mo lahat ng alam mo yari ka kasi hindi yun ang itatanung sayo. mawawalan ka ng pang change topic.

2. Tamang sagot lang. pag pina elaborate. tsaka mo lang ielaborate. ang pag eelaborate e parang programming. if gnyan ganto. again. wag mong kukumpletuhin ang sagot mo. ikaw din. :))

3. Pag nag tagalog ang panel mag tagalog ka na. pag umenglish. tagalog pa din.

4. Eye contact. kung hindi kaya, tumingin ka sa laptop at magtuturo turo sa screen.

5. Pag hindi mo alam ang sagot. dapat may senyasan na kayo ng mga kagrupo mo or pakiramdaman na lang

6. Pag hindi niyo alam ng mga kasama mo ang sagot. wag kang mag panik. ibigay mo ang opinyon mo ng hindi straight to the point. ex. “sa bandang anu po yun” “i think” “i believe” mga ganyan. wag isure. pag mali sagot mo. sorry ka na lang. more or less sila mag tuturo sayo ng sagot.

7. ANG PINAKA HULING ALAS. “Sir/Maam idadagdag na lang po namin sa recommendation” isang beses mo lang pwedeng gamitin. bawat sabi mo niyan -1 sa grade mo.

8. Hindi masyadong technical/codes ang mga tanong ( sa panel namin at sa iba din pwera lang sa  #9 ) anung kayang gawin ng admin. user. pinag kaiba nila. panu pumunta sa. anung mangyayari pag. paano pag. in short. aralin ang UI. wag masyado sa docu.

9. Si sir L^* lang mahilig mag technical nung time namin. malas mo. mag orasyon muna bago defense.

10. Mag dasal. dumaan sa chapel.

It is our choice

We can’t blame someone for our past; it is our choice, our decisions that we make that ruined our future. Maybe it isn’t a free choice at all but being in that kind of such situation is our responsibility. We can wake up every day regretting those choices. But rather, I prefer waking up every sweet morning trying to work it all out. Maybe not a perfect evening awaits me, but a peaceful night really motivates me to wake up again for a brand new start tomorrow.

I really don’t care

I really don’t care if no one reads my blog. You can insult me with every wrong grammar or spelling you might find. I don’t care either. I created this blog so that when I grow old, how I wish I can still read this, make me remember how human I am and to reminisce those passions that I have when I’m just a kid.


I do not believe in karma. Karma is only for those who are too weak to do something about their personal vendettas and in effect, they will just combine their faith with it, then hope for some marvel revenge. Thus, cursing someone with karma admits he is too weak to fight for himself.