Life is full of choices. Choices that we may regret, choices that we may be proud of, and for whatever reason we chose a choice, we need to live with it. No regrets. No time machines.

Make everyone acknowledge you

Make everyone acknowledge you not by your success, fame or boastfulness rather make them acknowledge you by your discipline, enthusiasm, trustworthiness and most importantly, on how you acknowledge them as well.

Success is not about

Success is not about money, fame, gadgets or number of passport stamps. It’s about being humble enough to appreciate everything and everyone.

Don’t push your luck

Do not push your luck, it is beyond your control. Rather think 99+ times in every decision that you will make and be responsible for it. Whenever you fail, learn from it. If that decision is a good one, do not count luck in, it is all about you being wise enough.

Big opportunity

Don’t wait for your big opportunity, it will come in God’s time. Rather do everything within your ability in order to be ready and to maximize that opportunity when it comes.


I don’t want to be the best. I just want to be better than yesterday.


I don’t need any opportunities, I will create my own. I don’t need any inspirations, I have my own will and passion.

No regrets

I did my best, or at least I tried. For that reason, I have no regrets.


Love will turn into hatred. Lovers suddenly are strangers.