War Cry

It’s not about how good you are. It’s about how far you can go to get better. The intense desire to learn something is a far more superior attitude that those people who just want to succeed. I am whose ambition far exceeded my own talents, this fact doesn’t make me frail, instead, this mere fact pushed me, inspire me to constantly challenge myself, inspire me to seek and defeat my own limits. I am not an unrewarded genius. People can’t see that I’m working all alone for days and nights on end. I’m not that kind of person who strives for perfection as I can sacrifice anything as my heart desires. Remember failure is not an option, and when all else fails – I simply don’t. If I did, I can still hold my head up because I did what I needed to do in full extent, no regrets.

You need to be conscious of your strengths and weaknesses, making yourself capable of attaining what you need and not just what you want. That’s a perfect idea. Additionally, diligence is the most important virtue for success, that steadfast and earnest effort to accomplish something and the capability of not giving up. People like these are destined to succeed.


It was the kind of smile that could have meant anything, or more likely, nothing at all. That ingenious smile that she had. The ability to manipulate the people around her came easily. She had the spark in her eyes that could break anyone attention. The more you stare into her brown eyes, the more you fall into her world. You’ll see her as if she glows and lit from within. Everyone likes her, we all do. The worst part is I’m in love with her, loved her fully as a man could.