Just maybe

I ambitiously tried to change fate with faith, which I failed. For the fact that things between us will never be the same, I could ask for the unanswered questions of the past but I doubt the answer would mean much of anything. You’ve been gone for so long now and our gap widens for every text that you didn’t reply and for those calls that you didn’t answer. Everyone has a weak spot, and you were mine. Now I’m here trying to reach out to you but it seems that our paths are far thousand miles across. Maybe destiny will bring us together again. Just maybe…

Like a fool

Deceived by the beauty of innocence
The need for your love romantically
As you betray his unconditional love
He waits patiently with open arms
Breaking down he picks up disgrace
Losing his mind throughout the process
Wondering through space and time
Far away and gone holding his stand
He is asking forgiveness for himself
Giving up is not on his choices like defeat
Pushed by whom he loved the most
He can’t learn from his past mistakes
Ironically instead he insisted his feelings
Like a fool who can’t understand his own fate