I chased her

She’ll never be the one that got away. I immediately grabbed her as soon as the opportunity presented itself. Knowing how delicate she can be. A little more complicated as it can be. I never realized it, but I should have known better. I should’ve just walked away. It was far more easier. But, I did what I had to do – I’d rather die than to give up. Then so I chased her.

I want her. I want her every day. I want every bit of her.

She is the type of girl that doesn’t come along every day, so I acted fast. I approached her wearing my most genuine smile. Day by day I tried to impress her, read her favorite book, watched her favorite Netflix Series. I did everything just to catch her precious attention, her attention that every man in the room wants.

Given her innocence, she probably wouldn’t understand. But for me, it seems like a dream. I’m crazy in love with her.

I fall in love

It’s time I fall in love
To you, I fell in love
Give everything and all
Knowing what to do
Leave every bitterness
Be my every bit of happiness
The best time to try
Baby I don’t want to cry
Just hold on to me tight
I’ll do this with might
Open your precious heart
Nothing will take us apart


O you Venus whom I love
My unattainable lady
Whose thy worthy I’m not
In love with such heavenly goddess
Inspired by no hidden desires
Heart craves for real emotions
Like a new engulfing addiction
All of her love only my intention

I’m madly in love with you

I’m madly in love with you
You’re the one I want since before
You’re hot enough to burn me
Spotlight is on you baby
Those dimples kill me
Those eyes that entices
Your smile captured my heart
Sweetest voice I heard of
As your skin touches mine
My heart is pounding wild
I miss you every now and then
But I’m speechless when your there
You’re in my mind all day
And all night I’m dreaming of you
I’m really, madly in love with you

In love

In love, I learned that even if you’ll sacrifice everything and give anything, don’t expect your partner will do the same thing.