Our meeting was pure happenstance. Now, I’m here all alone in a particular space of time. A place where I reached my total solitude. I can think of our thousand happy memories together but the thought died aborning. Time will tell how much I love you. Yet time also taught us that everyone has to say goodbye sooner or later. What a cliché. She had me. The feeling was so ugly, so alien. I could say that she cast a spell on me, but like love, happy endings are just for fairytales.


A perverted stare studied her curves. Imaginary touching her, inch by inch, part by part. That expression in her lovely eyes and everything looks surreal just from looking at her. Incredible. As his mortal lips want to kiss her everywhere. Hesitant to approach her, he will then realize that he is in love, truly, madly in love. He simply wants to be with her every night and day since he has his motives both good and bad. As love is no accident, for a smile is the beginning of every love. Will he confess his love or will he deny it again? Destiny will still find a way through doubts he said. He will wait for the perfect moment. Dubious, he then asked himself, “For how long?”.

Kill ‘em

Kill ‘em beast!
Let their howls cover the night
Vengeance today will strike
Justice will be served
Murder ‘em violently
Slay those who will protect them
Massacre everybody
Teach then terror
Let ‘em know what fear is
Scared them beast
Confused them
Eat their pride
Remove their hope
Let’s fight with a murderous intention
Annihilate ‘em! Kill everyone standing!
Women! Child! Slay each one!
Today we will defeat our enemies!
Raise our flag!
Together we will win the fight!

Angel in disguise

Oh hale the beauty of Aphrodite from within
Thou art captivated by her seductive body
The cradle of her sweet voice echoing
Her mysterious aura gives calm in him
Nonetheless, she condemned him to solitude
Then everything means nothing to him
All his reasons become blind
She’s an angel in disguise


I surrendered everything to thee
wherefore did she left me alone?
Yet we are once thou art merry
by her smile thy heart captured
whither you are goin’ let me go
whence your doubt came from?
Thou prayin’ calling unto deity’s
Thy true love offered to thee
To shew to thee true love I cried
She hath killed me many times
O you Venus come back to me
Yea, honor my love beg to be
Undistinguished sorrow eyne can’t see
Trapped in cold solitude waitin’ free
Rest assured ours forever we will be


I’d never imagined that this day will come
The person that I once loved was gone
She left a permanent scar carved in my heart
Bloodish red pouring out of my chest
Can you imagine how painful it seems?
For you my biggest failure and my biggest mistake
Former lovers, now we are just strangers
Strangled by our own twisted fate
Walking away forgetting the story
The love that once we shared
Hands that before intertwined
Now I’m all alone it’s hard to stand
Yet it seems that fate brings me back to you
It isn’t goodbye that makes us strangers
Neither that hurtful pain, anguish nor loneliness
It’s the scary thought of falling in love with you again