Our meeting was pure happenstance. Now, I’m here all alone in a particular space of time. A place where I reached my total solitude. I can think of our thousand happy memories together but the thought died aborning. Time will tell how much I love you. Yet time also taught us that everyone has to say goodbye sooner or later. What a cliché. She had me. The feeling was so ugly, so alien. I could say that she cast a spell on me, but like love, happy endings are just for fairytales.

Girl of the morning dew

The girl of the morning dew
Surrounded by a beautiful mist
She liked  her full solitude
A man was enticed by her grace
He who constantly looking at her
Adored her secretly passionately
Looking at her as if she’s a goddess
He struggled hard to fight emotions
Separated  by a worldly fate
He can’t just fall into such dreams
After each day his feelings matured
He waited, longed, and loved
Craziness’ filled his empty heart
Then his hesitations leave behind
Gathered all the courage he has
Confronts her to speak about his love
Stuttering, nervous, feeling the gravity
Regrets engulfed while time stopped
Someone already owns her heart