Forever and for eternity.

I hate this emo stuff
Nostalgia hit me
It is cold and the lights are out
I, alone in my room
Perfect time, sentimental one
I’m thinking, reminiscing
All those sweet memories
Promises and vows
Problems, trials
Difficulties and arguments
We have and fight for our love
Burning ever since before
We Trust each other
Loyalty is our sole
Desire and possessiveness
Creating a barrier from breaking
Indulge with love songs
Singing together
But sometimes, however
Harmony is not there
Can’t find a melody
So we argue, small things
Maybe building blocks
To create some heartbreaking fights
Dismay and upset
Rejected calls
Ignored text messages
But we learn to give each other
Know how to say sorry
To forgive
In order to survive
To live side by side
Forever and for eternity

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