I love you still

Everything is not in place
We were losing the peace
Your calling for a cease
I think your love is fading
And it drives me sick and wild
Possessive I am since the start
Paranoid and afraid to lose you
I wish I wake up soon
As a surprise, this is the reality
I try to be your everything
And take you out of self-blue
This trial froze our hearts
If this would be the end
Thank you and sorry
Pardon me for spasm of frenzy
But like you I feel pain
Woe and despair
And as I did promise
My kiss is just for you
And I’ll wait forever
Even in vain, I’ll remain.
For your love, to be again inflamed
All I want is for you to believe
All I need is you
I love you still
Forgive me for being this
I hope you can still handle me

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