Why I do believe in god? (Scientifically speaking)

In physics, the basic rules are “You cannot create something with nothing” and “Cause and Effect”. So the question is “Where we came from?” I’m talking about our universe, the big bang, and cause and effect.

Effect = Everything
Cause = Big Bang
Effect = Big Bang
Cause = Singularity
Effect = Singularity
Cause = ?

Here we can see cause and effect. Singularity, the cause of the big bang, where big bang is the prime cause of creation. But where did the singularity come from? We can’t trace back before the singularity. What about before Time? No one in the scientific world can answer and so the most basic question “Where we came from” left unanswered. That is why, I believe in GOD, the Supreme Being or the creator.

9 thoughts on “Why I do believe in god? (Scientifically speaking)

      1. That’s fine work of art out bro! Thank you for elaborating my idea on this one. I know it is not an excuse but I created this blog post when I’m just 19 years old! Please continue to write about this topic! Kudos to you!

        Personally I don’t care about other people religions, as long as they do believe in something. Since for me, it is undeniable that there is something, unbound by physics rules, a need for a supernatural being to exist, in order for us to exist.

        “Life has its secrets that even our imagination finds its limits.”


      2. Well, thanks. And, just like with Ron, if ever you need to get a blog out in the world, just let me know and I’ll see if I can get it around to the right people.

        (PS: You think you could tell any Atheists you might now about my blog. It would be well appreciated.)


  1. Matagal ko nang gustong magblog ng ganito, kaso lang hindi ko alam kung paano pag-bubuklud-buklorin ang mga ideya. Haha. Naunahan mo ako! Tunay nga, sakaling sa Big Bang nagmula ang mundo, pero may nagtrigger pa rin para mangyari yung Big Bang… Diba? Saka sabi nga nila, ang agham ay guide sa buhay natin.. minsan pinapakumplika lang natin ang mga bagay-bagay.


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