The gunshot ends it all

I’m dreaming
I know I am
Wake me, please
Knock me from this sleep
Kiss me like your prince charming
Maybe your kiss will be the key
To wake me from this nightmare craze
I can feel my heart burning
And the cold night outside
Slowly my body temperature is rising
Then suddenly, I’m all cold, chills
Grasping for all air I can suck in
Feeling a terrible pain, everywhere
I can’t see a thing, delusional, irrational
I’m caught, and deeply wounded
Each drop of blood contains anger and confusion
That’s right, all I can feel is anger and confusion
Wait, I’m not dreaming
Maybe this is my subconscious state
After pointing that gun to my head
After that loud, ear-shattering gunshot
I’m not dreaming, I thought I am
But now, how I wished this is just a dream
A dream that I can wake up from
Instead of facing the reality
The gunshot ends it all

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