Happy Graduation

First day of classes. First day of being a student. Welcome to OB Montessori. Welcome to hell school. Afraid. Nervous. Entering a new environment. Scared. Finding new friends. Learning how to read. To listen. To be friendly. Having a crush. Transferring to a new school. Grade School. Cainta Catholic College. Having new friends. Learning new things. Waking up every morning. Fighting for my own. Getting beat up. Going to guidance. Puppy love. First girlfriend. Lots of first’s. Name calling. Labeling. Jokes. Kids jokes. Trippings. Entering high school. Creating self-identification. Having new friends. Best of friends. TROPAH. Barkada. Bad influences. Good influences. Laughs. Lots of laughs. Counter-strike. Chess. Badminton. First true girlfriend. Affairs. Cutting classes. Fighting with teachers. Getting into brawl. Fighting without sense. Fighting among friends. Learning how to drink. To smoke. Getting good grades. Drink. Failing marks. Drink. Getting drunk. Celebrations. Birthdays. JS proms. Cotillion. Goodbyes. Sad goodbyes. College degree. Colegio de San Juan de Letran. New environment. New friends. Irregular student. Having many friends. Different friends. Different perspectives. Different interests. Dota. ZOOM EX. Billiards. Rubik’s cube master. Photography. NCAA courtside photographer. Litratista Letranista. GOODA. Having passions. Dedications. Explorations. Being appreciated. True love. Fighting for someone. Having failing marks. Shouting to professors. Missed class. Absences. Pressures. Deadlines. Thesis. Finding colleagues. Powerhouse. Learning from the mentors. Programming. Best Thesis. Microsoft certification exams. Competitions. Being recognized. On the job training. Hell week. Exhausted. Paper works. Lots of paper works. Done. Chillax. Last day of classes. Graduation practices. Ceremony. Clearances. Freedom. Waking up from reality. Welcoming the real world. Happy graduation to me.

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