Lost Love Letter

A sweet and romantic affinity with you. We also have been through plenty of fights. Some are silly and pointless arguments. Others are a heartbreaking one. But as we both know because of these fights. We become stronger. Fierier. More hale and hearty. We were inseparable. You are my companion throughout these years. You are my partner in life. A loving wife. When I met you, I know that I found the joy of my life. You are the girl I’m looking for and I told myself that you are the one that I should marry. A girl that I can give my life. I will do everything so that you will not find someone better than me. You always make me happy. Beyond words, you’re truly lovable. Without a doubt, I will love you forever. And I will lose my mind if you’re not on my side. Because of you, I know that I’m not alone. I can live just with you. You’re my destiny. My fate. My happiness. I’m so lucky to have you. Now. Never let me go. Hold me tight. In your arms. Yes. Hug me tight. Cuddle then bite. Pinch then kiss. Thank you for everything. Thank you for understanding, Thank you for the love. I love you so much beyond words. I love you forever and for eternity.

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