Love game

I played this game. Love as they call it. It’s a routine. At first, I need to bump into someone. Then casually ask for lunch, to go out, then add a killer smile that no one could ever refuse. I’ve done it many times. And those times are really the best times to challenge myself on how could I make this woman fall for me. I’ll set an expiration date when it’s game over. Then, I need to bump into someone’s life again. It’s all the same, only the names will change. Same lines, same lies. And with this blog post I know my ex-girlfriends, if ever they reach this will scrutinize me for all the bullshits, promises of forever and promises of never letting go.

Now again, like before, I bumped into someone. But this time it is different. I’m caught off guard. Like a lightning strike. I’m in love. Am I really in love? Laughing. Chuckling under the question of myself. Now, now this is love at first sight. I looked for signs. Seeing myself in a different person. No, she’s the one, she’s different. I told you she caught me off guard. I can’t even ask her out or ask for her cell number. Shit. This feeling is different, it’s crazy. I taught love was just a fairy tale, and I learned from my past experiences that whatever may happen, I will never fall in love, I’m scared to feel the pain they’d felt when I leave them. Yet suddenly, so funny, I found true love. This time I wanted to settle in, for one, for good. I can’t even face that fact, can’t face the feeling I have. I’m not saying I want to marry next year or even five years from now. But somehow, I know that if ever I have a ring, I will definitely give it to her with my surname.

This boy wishes he never met you, you’re not playing his rules. Now he will leave the game, just to play with your own rules. Let’s see, if he can handle it.

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