21 Years of Age

It is a fast-paced life, things are happening so fast. The truth is this is not how I anticipated my life and to be honest enough, my life now is more than I imagined. Thank God, my mom, and my friends for bringing out the best in me. I mean it. I never imagined my life to be this good. My mom always said that I’m a lucky person, and I’m lucky indeed. Opportunity knocks on my door every time that I lost my way. Funny enough I’m scared, thinking I’m living my life too easy, too easy to be branded unfair, and I’m afraid I might lose everything if I mess up. Its 50% luck, another 50% for will and skill. Life gave me simple opportunities to see the true value of life and I’m happy to say that I don’t regret anything. I’m ready for any challenge life has to offer.

I can’t think of anything different from my youth up to this time. My passions now are still the same passions I had when I was a child. I’m now 21 years of age. Nothing’s different except that I’m more proud. I love my life. I love how I lived my life and I will continue to live my life this way.

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