Scared of falling

You were so good at showing your feelings before, why not now? You’re scared. Scared of falling into a pit that can easily shatter your heart right away, like last time. You lost everything and gained nothing at all. That’s defeat you see, and everything in you was affected by that mistake. One mistake. You’ve lost faith and became doubtful, so unsure.  Okay, fine, you did your best last time, and almost every time you get away with no baggage at all but not this time, not with her. You can try to love again once more like before or you can bury yourself by not letting go of that feeling, in which something is telling me it’s the latter you’ll choose. Don’t get me wrong but just let it go, no explanations, just let it fade away. Don’t ask me how. You’re better than this and you know it. I know you caught everything I just said, as you usually did. But I can see your distrust. It wasn’t your fault really. You merely just assumed.

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