Too drained

Too drained for the tears he needed to shed
His face changed from sadness to sudden rage
He was too consumed by anger just ablaze
Then he can’t blame anyone for his mistake
Wondering if everything that she said was fake
Now his verses are composed of bitterness and hate
To repent today for every action is too late

Just maybe

I ambitiously tried to change fate with faith, which I failed. For the fact that things between us will never be the same, I could ask for the unanswered questions of the past but I doubt the answer would mean much of anything. You’ve been gone for so long now and our gap widens for every text that you didn’t reply and for those calls that you didn’t answer. Everyone has a weak spot, and you were mine. Now I’m here trying to reach out to you but it seems that our paths are far thousand miles across. Maybe destiny will bring us together again. Just maybe…


It was the kind of smile that could have meant anything, or more likely, nothing at all. That ingenious smile that she had. The ability to manipulate the people around her came easily. She had the spark in her eyes that could break anyone attention. The more you stare into her brown eyes, the more you fall into her world. You’ll see her as if she glows and lit from within. Everyone likes her, we all do. The worst part is I’m in love with her, loved her fully as a man could.

The way it feels

She didn’t say anything, no feelings, no emotions, nothing, just walked away.
I’m sorry if I’m not good enough for you, honestly, I tried to give everything, anything.
I waited, longed, believed that you’ll come back, prayed that you’ll give me another chance.
I plead, cried, weep, sob, and grief, every morning became another heartache.
It’s as if I’m cursed, ruthless, breathless, I hate the way it feels.

Come back

There’s no place for sorrows and regrets
Day by day I’m living with lies and false facts
With hypothetical hypocrisy and fallacy
Like yesterday I’m a fool with false hopes
Someday, somehow, she’ll come back

Grisly end

A confluence of events explained recklessness
Feeble attempt to catch her fickle mind
I met my grisly end and I might be wrong
Just too late to ask for forgiveness
Time frantically can’t change anything
She had the face of an innocent angel
How I miss her sweetmeats love again
Yet she defies my dearest affection once more

To let go

She said she wants to be alone
Her words echoed and surprised me
So I left without goodbyes
A blank mind, can’t think of anything
I’m in a middle of nowhere somewhere
A busy street even in the evening
Yet all I can hear is my heart crying
This is the time to realize everything
It’s been a year I’m running from facts
Restless heart, don’t have anything
Fool to even ask for a chance
Fooled to fell in love again
I tried everything, blinded by love
It started so easy, ending so abruptly
Longing from cuddles and sweetness
How I miss her stolen kisses
Want to go back from where it started
This boy wishes he never met you
Though honestly he thanks you
He learned honest pain
You taught him, unconditional love
Then finally, he learned to let go


In order to write, I must collect every pain and sadness, remember every little detail from the past that will help me feel that feeling of anguish. The poem must have a significance. It must contain a certain amount of feeling so it can be verbosely translated into an art. I’m not a poet. I’m just an artistic writer.  What you can read here is really a plain straight through feelings that are composed and parted line by line.

With every written entry here has its own story. Every written verse traps my soul in a time dimension. My head plays that memory frame by frame then my heart will transcend old feelings. Old stories will become today issues. Old pains will be today’s inspirations.


A romantic affinity in sore futility
Deceived by her outer beauty
My fighting chivalry is struggling
Like a peculiar cancer-hunting
Trapped in a void of time and space
Feeling some love in confusion race
Repentance guilt shows itself in late
Caught in twilights then he ate the bait