Love advices

The dilemma with love advice is that these opinions tend to just look about whose right and wrong, and overlooks other factors like consequences, relationship span, emotions and most importantly love. For example, a couple having a problem, her friends advised that she must let go, because she is right and he is wrong by simply judging based on the observed facts, on the contrary, they don’t know the true feelings of her, the consequences of breaking up, and primarily because they are not the one who will lose someone.

6 thoughts on “Love advices

  1. Moral of the story: Advices suck! Do what your instinct tell you to do… Sometimes it calls for begging. Well then, beg. Sometimes it says, let go… then guess what, let go! Sometimes, take it easy..
    At the end of the day, those others (however well they wish for you) do not REALLY know what you are going through.. it is just NOT THE SAME!
    So.. pay attention to what they have to offer.. but as for action, do what your heart says… And oh yea, don’t ever let that thing called “ego” step in! He can do harmful things…
    There’s a fine line between self respect and ego… respect it..

    Phew…that’s my 2 cents 🙂


  2. i so agree with Kavita =D.. self respect and ego ! we need to define em for ourselves and understand the difference and make our lives better!


  3. @kavita

    “At the end of the day, those others (however well they wish for you) do not REALLY know what you are going through..”

    I’ll say this to my girlfriend! thanks kavita!

    EGO and PRIDE. these two always hurts decision making right? thanks for the comment both of you. : )


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