Forget it all

This is what I have feared
All of my love suddenly turned
Turned away from you
Enraged, angry and furious
After seeing a page or two
After seeing that all that we have
All that we shared, all that we built
Ruined, destroyed and disregarded
I have regrets. Plenty of them
I regret giving too much
I regret leaning so much
And I regret loving you and all
I also have lots of questions
But I know answers don’t matter anymore
What matters is, we know that even not talking
We were sad, mad, exhausted,
Tired, depressed, and confused
We failed. We tried. But we failed
We love. We did. It turned to hate
We try to forgive. We try to forget
We are trying to accept it all
We are trying to move on
And we are doing our best to forget it all.

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