Messed Up

Nagising ako sa iyong mga sinabi
Isang katotohanan na mahirap tanggapin
Siguro nga hindi kami para sa isa’t isa
Ngunit ngayo’y ano ang aking dapat gawin

Ako’y napatitig sa iyong mga mata
Nagulat na lang din ako mahal na pala kita
Andyan ka nakikinig sa aking mga hinaing
Nung nawala siya anjan ka pa din

Then everything came so evidently
Little by little every hello meant something
It’s weird, it’s funny yet it’s so true
This feeling I have for her suddenly flipped to you

No, this is something I can’t handle any more
So everything is written in this messed poem
This is how karma plays with my destiny
Everything seems like a foolish story

Tragic ending

I kissed her forehead in the middle of the night
Blue moon covered by the clouds hides in our sight
Darkness envelopes our evening in this hilltop
Far away we can see the city’s skyscraper lights
In front of me, my beloved love stared back to my eyes
A young lovely lady wearing a nobly white dress
I, a simple man longing for such love I feel so blessed
Then the cold winter air gently touched our foreskins
I felt someone’s presence it must be God’s watching
She grabbed my hand, then she tried to whisper something
I brushed her hair but I can’t hear what she is trying to say
So I stepped forward but then her hands pushed me away
Her eyes looking at me as if she’s saying her goodbyes
As I tried to dwell with the situation my heart cries
She breached my emotional mind where the truth lies
Sadly it strikes me that you’re satisfied with me not arguing
She then started to walk away with no thoughts of staying
I watched her until the horizon swallows her shadows fading
No one will notice that this story ends with such a tragic ending

Faint Smile

I still have that faint smile when I reminisce our days
It is like a dream, it happened so fast and did not last
Look straight into my eyes, you’ll see my blazing love
Listen to my loud heartbeat as it cries over you
I want you back here in my arms, I’m longing for you
Oh Baby why leave me into such misery
Despite all the pain, my love for you stays the same

I never knew

I’m speechless, flabbergasted, stunned and surprised.
I don’t know what to act, to react, and to respond.
I’m in denial, then rejection, then depression phase.
I’m angry and furious, hurting and down.
I’m in awe. I’m feeling sad, worthless, and foolish.
I looked pathetic, helpless and pitiful.
I never knew love would turn out this way.
I never knew that love hurt this much.

Me, myself and I

It’s not about you and me
No us, neither we
It’s a mistake to hold on
Breaking apart
Drifting away
Losing all of the love
Falling out of it
Or maybe I’m just confused
So confused
Starving for your love
Crazy kind of love
Pain, I hate this pain
Will I never learn to give up?
Or I am giving up
I’m calling out your name
You’re not doing the same
Help me with this game
I don’t want to play anymore
I want to settle the score
Are you serious enough?
I can’t blame you
I know what you’re going through
So maybe let’s stop
Halt, freeze, and think
I want to feel how important I am
I’m done giving everything
From my soul to my pride
We both know we’re not growing up
You’re happy, with or without me
My mistake to make you my happiness
I’m tired of writing
Tired of waiting
Burned, hurting
Leave me alone
I’m thinking
Feeling nothing
I’m wasted, exhausted
It’s not about you and me
It’s all about me, myself and I

She left me

She left me
Without a word
Without tears
I’m alone
Curse her
For this pain, I’m suffering
For all the sweet memories she made
Let this be my last poem for her
A poem that will never be forgotten
Feel my suffering and repentance
Feel all the lost love
My burning desire to get her back
She does this
Everything is ruined
I’m shock
Deeply wounded
Don’t have time to retaliate
Well, I don’t have a choice
I’ll move on and leave everything
Hoping that happiness will come along
After all, she’s not here anymore

Forget it all

This is what I have feared
All of my love suddenly turned
Turned away from you
Enraged, angry and furious
After seeing a page or two
After seeing that all that we have
All that we shared, all that we built
Ruined, destroyed and disregarded
I have regrets. Plenty of them
I regret giving too much
I regret leaning so much
And I regret loving you and all
I also have lots of questions
But I know answers don’t matter anymore
What matters is, we know that even not talking
We were sad, mad, exhausted,
Tired, depressed, and confused
We failed. We tried. But we failed
We love. We did. It turned to hate
We try to forgive. We try to forget
We are trying to accept it all
We are trying to move on
And we are doing our best to forget it all.