Me, myself and I

It’s not about you and me
No us, neither we
It’s a mistake to hold on
Breaking apart
Drifting away
Losing all of the love
Falling out of it
Or maybe I’m just confused
So confused
Starving for your love
Crazy kind of love
Pain, I hate this pain
Will I never learn to give up?
Or I am giving up
I’m calling out your name
You’re not doing the same
Help me with this game
I don’t want to play anymore
I want to settle the score
Are you serious enough?
I can’t blame you
I know what you’re going through
So maybe let’s stop
Halt, freeze, and think
I want to feel how important I am
I’m done giving everything
From my soul to my pride
We both know we’re not growing up
You’re happy, with or without me
My mistake to make you my happiness
I’m tired of writing
Tired of waiting
Burned, hurting
Leave me alone
I’m thinking
Feeling nothing
I’m wasted, exhausted
It’s not about you and me
It’s all about me, myself and I

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