Tragic ending

I kissed her forehead in the middle of the night
Blue moon covered by the clouds hides in our sight
Darkness envelopes our evening in this hilltop
Far away we can see the city’s skyscraper lights
In front of me, my beloved love stared back to my eyes
A young lovely lady wearing a nobly white dress
I, a simple man longing for such love I feel so blessed
Then the cold winter air gently touched our foreskins
I felt someone’s presence it must be God’s watching
She grabbed my hand, then she tried to whisper something
I brushed her hair but I can’t hear what she is trying to say
So I stepped forward but then her hands pushed me away
Her eyes looking at me as if she’s saying her goodbyes
As I tried to dwell with the situation my heart cries
She breached my emotional mind where the truth lies
Sadly it strikes me that you’re satisfied with me not arguing
She then started to walk away with no thoughts of staying
I watched her until the horizon swallows her shadows fading
No one will notice that this story ends with such a tragic ending

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