Don’t leave

Let’s defy the gravity while counting the stars
The moonlight shines over and blessed us
I’ll give you this dear diamond ring tonight
Maybe live this once in a lifetime fantasy
And leave and forget everything behind
Start this love affair as the darkness sweep
Close your eyes baby make a wish
We’re gonna celebrate this whole night
Let’s take it slow or can skip the basics
Foreplay listen to your heart as it beats
Feel me, you so belong to me
It’s so perfect here next to you baby
I’ll do everything for you just, no, don’t leave

Just take me away

I’m here once again
Knocking on your door
Oh girl answer my call
I want you to be my lady
Will you please call me
And let everyone else go
Don’t ask me to take it slow
Oh just follow my lead
Don’t be confused
Let’s take chances
Just because
We are so in love
Don’t make a pause
Just take me away

Messed Up

Nagising ako sa iyong mga sinabi
Isang katotohanan na mahirap tanggapin
Siguro nga hindi kami para sa isa’t isa
Ngunit ngayo’y ano ang aking dapat gawin

Ako’y napatitig sa iyong mga mata
Nagulat na lang din ako mahal na pala kita
Andyan ka nakikinig sa aking mga hinaing
Nung nawala siya anjan ka pa din

Then everything came so evidently
Little by little every hello meant something
It’s weird, it’s funny yet it’s so true
This feeling I have for her suddenly flipped to you

No, this is something I can’t handle any more
So everything is written in this messed poem
This is how karma plays with my destiny
Everything seems like a foolish story

Tragic ending

I kissed her forehead in the middle of the night
Blue moon covered by the clouds hides in our sight
Darkness envelopes our evening in this hilltop
Far away we can see the city’s skyscraper lights
In front of me, my beloved love stared back to my eyes
A young lovely lady wearing a nobly white dress
I, a simple man longing for such love I feel so blessed
Then the cold winter air gently touched our foreskins
I felt someone’s presence it must be God’s watching
She grabbed my hand, then she tried to whisper something
I brushed her hair but I can’t hear what she is trying to say
So I stepped forward but then her hands pushed me away
Her eyes looking at me as if she’s saying her goodbyes
As I tried to dwell with the situation my heart cries
She breached my emotional mind where the truth lies
Sadly it strikes me that you’re satisfied with me not arguing
She then started to walk away with no thoughts of staying
I watched her until the horizon swallows her shadows fading
No one will notice that this story ends with such a tragic ending

Faint Smile

I still have that faint smile when I reminisce our days
It is like a dream, it happened so fast and did not last
Look straight into my eyes, you’ll see my blazing love
Listen to my loud heartbeat as it cries over you
I want you back here in my arms, I’m longing for you
Oh Baby why leave me into such misery
Despite all the pain, my love for you stays the same

My princess

You’re my princess in every single fairy-tale
Dreaming all of them will come true
Hard to find someone like you
That smile, that eyes, that body I can’t resist
I’m mesmerized, you should let me love you
Enticed, you heard the beat of my heart
Close your eyes, let me come closer
Hold my hand, let’s fly together
Girl, you got everything I like, attitude
Been through this and that, you’re the boss
Calling “oh my”, she had no fear
I’ll teach you how to love, open your heart
Hug me tight, I might lose control
Don’t hide, you’re always on my mind
I’m your number one fan, let me hold your hand
Dance or sing, whatever, I’m proud
I dedicate this poem to you, see it coming through
I gave you my heart, don’t act like you’re surprised

I saw you

I saw you there
Sitting so patiently
Answering your exam
Simplest than anyone
I have a crush on you

I saw you with your friends
Standing there, laughing
Talking girly, bubbly
I stared for a long time
I’ve been in love with you

I bump into you
Couples of months after
I got your name and your number
Asked you out for lunch
I am so into you

Have you ever been into paradise?
You brought me there
Like a kid dreaming
When we are together
I love you forever

I’m madly in love with you

I’m madly in love with you
You’re the one I want since before
You’re hot enough to burn me
Spotlight is on you baby
Those dimples kill me
Those eyes that entices
Your smile captured my heart
Sweetest voice I heard of
As your skin touches mine
My heart is pounding wild
I miss you every now and then
But I’m speechless when your there
You’re in my mind all day
And all night I’m dreaming of you
I’m really, madly in love with you