My princess

You’re my princess in every single fairy-tale
Dreaming all of them will come true
Hard to find someone like you
That smile, that eyes, that body I can’t resist
I’m mesmerized, you should let me love you
Enticed, you heard the beat of my heart
Close your eyes, let me come closer
Hold my hand, let’s fly together
Girl, you got everything I like, attitude
Been through this and that, you’re the boss
Calling “oh my”, she had no fear
I’ll teach you how to love, open your heart
Hug me tight, I might lose control
Don’t hide, you’re always on my mind
I’m your number one fan, let me hold your hand
Dance or sing, whatever, I’m proud
I dedicate this poem to you, see it coming through
I gave you my heart, don’t act like you’re surprised

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