Pure Love

You’re my happiness, my love
No regrets, just love
Undeniable, I just can’t stop loving you
Not now, not tomorrow, or even the day after
I don’t want any one-night stand
A serious relationship is what I want
I’m caught in the middle
Twisted Fate
Can’t understand what I’m going through
Denial phase, give me some sweet embrace
There is this guy who left you crying
I saw you, talked to you, got your number,
Then promised you my forever
So suddenly, but so true
I’m caught in the middle
Until now you can’t make up your mind
Fooling myself I’m not assuming anything
Can you stay here with me?
I’m reaching out to you
Offering my pure love, faith, and trust
Still, you can’t make up your mind
Maybe tomorrow you’ll come back to him
To the one that you love, the one who made you cry
Think twice my love
I’m here calling out your name
Loud, unwavering, and full of desire to get you back
Another bizarre love triangle
I want to love you more than anything
A kind of love so impossible
You love him faithfully
While I’m here loving you unconditionally
Crying, sad, feeling so blue
Yet still, I’m so into you
Hoping all efforts will turn my fate, our fate
Will turn your eyes to me
Your heart will follow, kiss me deeply
I stumble, I fall, catch me romantically
Melodramatic, a lunatic
Maybe I’m insane, because of this pain
Here I can cry, but still no regrets
Flabbergasted or maybe speechless
Murmurs, talking to myself
I’m counting to god, praying to him
Need his help, the deities
A divine intervention
Surround me with protection, illumination
Give me the right direction
I’m closing my eyes
Thinking the beauty of my love
Positive reinforcement
Hoping everything will turn to my side
Wishing cupid will play along
Stand by my side
I need you here by my side
I’m not surrendering, not giving up
I’m feeling it; I’m running out of time
Just be mine, I’ll be yours
I’m not promising your paradise
Not even a smooth lifetime cruise
Or giving your fantasy, making it true
But with this pure, honest love
My forever will be a promise for eternity
And eternity will turn out to be forever
I love you baby

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