Tales of anguish and bitterness

I wish I wasn’t so foolish to fall in love with her. I’m just a simple boy, incapable to understand, very unworthy of her. A confused boy who tried to set the differences from fairy tales to reality then failed afterward.

I believed that our souls are fate intertwined, that we’re destined to be. She’s the only one. She’s my true karma, someone I can’t read, someone I can’t have. She accidentally made me insecure, wherein I’m trapped for the things I can make, for the things I can create, for the things I can achieve.

There are times wherein you don’t know what to do next, that happened to me when she left. I got no plans, had nothing to lose. All I can think off is her. Truth is I don’t want to write about her anymore, I know for a fact that she’d love to hear that I finally moved on, but what can I do? I’m just a writer who selfishly writes about what I truly feel. Writing since the day our paths crossed, when I found true love through her, to the day we made our promises, to our first fight, and when she finally left, to the day I painfully accepted defeat. After that, all posts are hopeless romantic ones. Each entry contains facts, posted a little late. Each entry contains sad memories of us. Each contains true love that I want to constantly prove to her.

Months passed, every morning became another heartache, every cold night got me wishing we’re still talking to the phone like before, to the day I became numb to the pain, to this day I’m still reminiscing our almost happily ever after. Funny thing is she just hates me for not giving up on her. Now I can’t believe that she won’t talk to me. I tried everything. I did everything. I miss the love that is almost there, almost there, and then suddenly without any warning my Cinderella was gone.

What am I blabbering about? Maybe my mind is playing tricks on me, and these are rubbish tales of anguish and bitterness. I loved you, I love you, and I will always love you.

PS: Happy Birthday to me

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